Unlike some of the more traditional services - your dogs normal exercise routine and medicating is included in our fees.


Approximately $15 a visit


Approximately $13 a visit


Please contact us for for multi-species household prices.

Mid-day "I need to go out and my master is at work" breaks are $15.00, although package rates are available.

We are qualified to look after many different species of pets.  Please call us or email us for pricing.

Please inquire regarding special circumstances. We realize that every client is unique and prices may vary. We will do our best to accommodate you whenever possible.

Discounts are available for extended sitting assignments.

If you return early, PLEASE NOTIFY CCC to avoid being charged for unnecessary visits!!

Please note that additional fees may be charged for services rendered that are outside our normal route area, outside the routine visiting hours, administering medication to difficult pets or for other requested services.

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