Here are some answers to your questions that insure your pet gets the best possible care.

When will I get my house key back?

Normally we will keep your house keys until after you return unless otherwise instructed. The reason we do this, is if for some reason you are delayed in returning home, we can continue to care for your pets. Your key can be returned in person (may be a charge), it can be returned via mail (not recommended) or you may opt to enroll in our ReadyKey program. Click here to read about ReadyKey

Will you walk my dog? (or my cat?)

We will walk all pets who enjoy walking. This is true for leash trained cats, as well as dogs. Unfortunately some pets just don't know how to go for a walk. If your pet fights, chokes themselves, or just plain does not know how to walk on a leash, we may not continue to walk that pet if we feel it could cause a potential problem. We will however, exercise your pet in whatever manner he or she is accustomed to.

How will I know what happened while I was away?

We like to keep careful records of our visits while you are away.  We have a page for every day of your trip that we keep on a Daily Diary Form.  When you return, you can review what time each visit occurred, what your pets appetite was like, what we did for fun, what medications your pet was given, and all kinds of other important information. (click here to see a blank diary form)

What time will you come during the day?

Unless arrangements are otherwise made, our normal visiting hours are between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. If you wish your pet visited later, we may be able to arrange your visit last. Normally speaking all of our visits are accomplished during that 12-hour period each day.
Once a day visits are not generally scheduled at specific times, though approximately 24 hours apart. We reserve morning and evening visits for our twice-a-day and thrice-a-day customers.

I am not going away, but I know that I will have a long work schedule this week.  Can you come let my dog out to pee?

Help your pet's overall health by having one of our trained exercise attendants come take your pet for a healthy breath of fresh air during the day.. while you work. We can do whatever you need!

How long will you stay and visit my pet?

On all regular calls, our visits last AT LEAST one-half hour. Often it will exceed this time frame. The only exceptions to this rule are those pets who do not enjoy being played with or given attention during the visit. If we find that our entire checklist has been completed and your pet would be happier without us there, then we may leave a little earlier.

Will you brush and groom my pet?

Yes, we love showing affection to your pets... we pet and brush them as much as they enjoy or as time allows. If your vacation is lengthy and your pet requires a trip to the groomer, we can accommodate that as well.

What if I run out of pet food while you are sitting?

Don't worry! We won't let your pet starve! We do however, ask that you have enough food on hand for your pet to eat during your absence. If you miscalculate and run out of food, a shopping charge of fifteen dollars ($15.00) will be added to your bill if we have to purchase food. This is in addition to the actual charge of the food and/or supplies.

How will you find out everything that you need to know to care for my pet?

We conduct a preliminary, courtesy interview. During this interview we normally get all the necessary instruction on the care of your pets. If something has been missed, feel free to call us prior to your departure. If you feel additional time is necessary to be spent with your pets to gain further background, or further complex supervised instructions are needed, we can provide that time, but it will be charged at a rate of $12.50 per half-hour.

What if my dog tries to eat the couch while I am away?

As a rule, most damage to property, furniture, and carpets is done by pets who get bored or lonely. Most owners don't know in advance what will provoke their pets to such action. We will make all attempts to limit any destruction by pets of household goods. If, for example, your pet chews on furniture, we will make all attempts to remove the attraction. If the problem continues we cannot empty your pets entire area of attractive nuisances! We cannot, therefore, be responsible for damage done by your pets to your home. We will use common sense and attempt to limit and restrict any bad behaviour by pets.

Will you charge me for visits if I come home early?

Cancellations of services during peak periods are subject to charges.  In most cases, credits will be issued for any pre-paid visits that are not used.  50% refunds are issued if a credit is not desired in order to cover our costs of lost business from your reservation.

Will you make sure my pet has enough drinking water available?

We change drinking water on every visit. Good, clean, fresh water is mandatory for your pets good health. If we find that your pet needs an additional supply between visits, we may use an additional container. In some cases water bowls may have to be moved to new locations due to pets playing, splashing and dumping.

What if my pet's canned food gets "yucky" during the day?

When it comes to picky eaters we NEVER recommend leaving wet food out for a pet more then 24 hours without dumping it out and refilling the dishes with fresh food. In the case of cats visited every other day, wet food is not advisable unless consumed during the visit and the excess removed to assure good health of the pet.

My cat lives outside. Will you come and make sure she/he is fed and OK?

We will be happy to come, visit, and leave a fresh supply of food and water for your cat but if he or she has access to the out of doors, we CANNOT be responsible for the care and well being of the cat. There are just too many risks outside.

What about that stinky litter box?

Changing your cats litter box is a matter of personal preference. In these wonderful days of "clumping litter", we routinely take out the soiled litter every day. This way we are more up to date on your cats urine and defecation status.

My brother (cousin, aunt, uncle, etc.) lives around the corner and will visit also. Is that OK?

Many people like to include neighbours, relatives, and friends in pet sitting duties. These well-intentioned actions cause much confusion during a shared responsibility sitting assignment. Most common among problems is over-feeding, unlocked doors, lost keys, or missed feedings. We absolutely cannot be responsible for any sitting assignment where others are going to share the workload. We advise that anyone considering this split of duties to make only one person, or us, responsible for the entire assignment.

My pet is sick. Will you take care of it?

We are comfortable with most routine medical problems, including diabetics. We do not knowingly accept sitting assignments with very sick pets. We firmly believe that sick pets be under the constant care of a veterinarian. However, if you have aged, infirm, or medicated pets, this is not a problem if you discuss with us his or her special needs. We never take any chances with sickness. Any pet showing any signs of serious illness will be taken to your veterinarian immediately. If your veterinarian is not available, we will use our best discretion in providing a veterinarian for your pet.


We will pick up any and all excrement on every visit. This is true for sifting litter boxes as well. We feel that cleanliness is extremely important to your pets good health. Rest assured that your yard, litter box, and any and all accidents are spotted and removed on each visit.

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