Online Cyber Visits!

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What is an Online Cyber Visit?

It is our way of allowing our clients to see how their pets are doing while they are away! 

We can photograph your pet during one of our visits, put his or her name and  picture in the spot you see above, and you can go online while you are away to see your missed pet!! (No last names or dates though.  We don't want anyone knowing when our clients are away!)  When you return home, you will receive a paper copy of the photo!

What do I need to have a Cyber Visit with my pet?

First, you need to be a client!

Second, you need to go away on a trip!

And third, you need to have internet access while you are away!  Just log on, come to our site, and click the link in the home page with "contact your pet", and you can see your friend!  If you can't get online while you are away, don't worry!  We will keep your pet's photo up for 2 days after you return!


Hey!  I am not going away, but I think it would be really neat to see my pet on the internet!  Is there any way you can do it?

Sure!  Send us a picture of your pet and a little note (either via "snail mail" or E-mail) and we will post the photo and your comments on our "Happy Clients" page!